Great question, and one that we always receive! It is a tool and a practice that helps the body and mind recover, refresh, and rejuvenate. We’ve put together a great source of information on this that you can find here.

When the body and mind are isolated away from noise, light, and gravity’s effects, you give yourself a chance to truly relax. During this time, the brain can enter what’s called the Theta State, which is a period of slower brain wave activity – you experience this all the time just prior to falling asleep or when you daydream. People who are prone to bursts of creativity in this state have reported seeing colors/imagery, or hearing music/sounds; but it’s entirely up to what your brain would do anyway, and is not like taking a hallucinogen.

This is a common concern from first-time floaters; you’re not alone, and most people find that there’s really nothing to fear as the feeling of floating is so calming and liberating that their fear floats away quickly (pun intended). You have total control over your situation. There’s a light in the tank if you desire it. If you want music playing through your entire session, we can do that too. Most importantly, you can easily get out anytime you want. 100% control.

Nope. There is over 1,000 lbs. of Epsom salts dissolved in the water, and the body’s natural buoyancy causes you to float effortlessly. Even if you fall asleep (which some people do).

Your session will be 90 minutes, but if it’s your first time with us, please arrive 15 minutes early to check in.

At Rubicon, we’re obviously big fans and proponents of floating, having floated in a wide range of centers and tanks. We also pride ourselves in our distinguished taste, as we want our float experiences to feel luxurious. We have spent much time, resources, and research into ensuring your float suite is remarkable. Through sound-proofing designs by top acoustical engineers, to comfortable and environmentally friendly water-efficient showers, to meticulous attention to the temperature and humidity levels in the tank, no detail has gone overlooked. We are confident that you will agree: Rubicon provides the most luxurious, comfortable, private float experience available anywhere.

Don’t shave or wax about 24 hours prior to floating to avoid irritating your skin. Don’t drink caffeine about 3 hours prior to floating, as it will prevent your brain from relaxing. Eat something light about 90 minutes before your session; floating while either hungry or digesting a big meal can be uncomfortable or distracting.

Many of our guests meditate to help the mind and body relax, and while it’s encouraged, it’s not required by any means. Stillness is the most important thing. If you find you are getting restless or having trouble fighting boredom, try counting your breaths up to 100. Try thinking about the solution to a problem, or brainstorm a creative task for work. Try building a mental shopping list. Trust us, the rewards at the end of the session are worth the wait.

We ask that you wait at least 2 weeks in between a dye job and a float session; this will preserve the color of your hair, and prevent any stain damage to our tanks.

Sure! Some guests find it can help in dealing with stress and cramps. We just ask that you bring the same provisions that you would use while swimming.

Sessions are by booked by appointment – please check for an available time slot in our booking tool.

Walk-ins are difficult (often impossible) to accommodate for many reasons, so we ask that you please book an appointment.

Much like regular exercise is better than only exercising once, the best way to unlock the maximum benefits of floating is to do it regularly. Because of this, we’ve structured memberships to be an easy way to get the best value and best return. Please see our pricing page for more details.

We dissolve 1,400lbs of Epson Salt in 300 gallons of water. Also known as magnesium sulfate. It is not the same taste as sodium chloride/table salt. Epsom Salt has a slightly soapy/bitter taste.

Epsom Salts are industry standard for float tanks since sensory deprivation was first being studied in universities and labs in the 50-60’s trough today.

We source our Epsom Salt from a local company called Salt Works in Woodinville. They provide USP grade Epsom Salt of a high-quality standard.

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