What is Floating?

In a nutshell: floating is the practice of lying on a bed of warm salt water, in a space that blocks out light and sound, helping you achieve the ultimate state of relaxation so your body and mind can rest, repair, and refresh. In a world that demands your attention and energy at an ever-increasing rate, floatation therapy is the tool that empowers the very best in you.

Why Should You Float?

By simulating a zero-gravity environment, floating gives your entire body the chance to repair. By removing external light and noise, floating gives your mind a chance to refresh and focus. By immersing yourself in stillness and nothingness, you achieve a sense of calm that no other devices, supplements, or practices can bring you.

Our guests float for any number of beneficial reasons, but the most important reasons for everyone to float:

Floating is changing and improving lives every day, and we look forward to sharing it with you! Book your appointment today and cross the Rubicon to better health and wellness.