What is Rubicon’s cancellation policy?

Rubicon Float Studio is committed to providing all of our clients with exceptional service. When a client cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another customer from being able to book in that time slot. To ensure fairness to all parties, we require no less than 12 hours notice for any canceled appointments. If cancellation occurs with less than 12 hours notice, we reserve the right to charge a $25 fee for the appointment. In the event of a missed appointment with no notice given (a “no call no show” cancellation), we reserve the right to charge for the full value of the appointment. If you are using a certificate to pay for services, the certificate will be marked as used.

Please arrive no later than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals may result in a shortened or forfeited appointment time, as we cannot adversely affect our other guests. If you are more than 10 mins late, we will have to reschedule your float session. We will not shorten your session or delay future sessions to accommodate a late arrival. If you are 5 minutes late and you have not called us to let us know, we reserve the right to give your float room away to walk-in clients.

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