Floating for the Mind: Five Reasons to Take a Mental Vacation in a Float Tank


Modern-day living demands a lot from you. Whether it’s the fast pace and long hours at the office, the twice-daily battle with rush hour traffic, the responsibilities of raising a family, it’s a wonder how we find the time to balance it all and still give back to yourself! Then you hear talk of that oh-so-desirable “mental health day” – you know, that fabled use of PTO for no other reason than to just take a break and relax. If only you weren’t so busy…

So if you can’t give yourself a full day of relaxation, you should still reward yourself with that mental vacation, and I urge you to take one while floating. Floating is the practice of isolating yourself in a relaxing light-proof and sound-proof environment, buoyantly and easily floating in a rejuvenating dense Epsom salt bath. Not only are you rewarding your body with some much-needed relaxation, but you’re actually arming yourself to charge back into your routine renewed and rejuvenated in many ways.

You Can Build Stress Resilience by Floating Regularly

One of the best parts about your time in a float tank is not only the relief from stress that you feel by allowing yourself to relax, but how much more resistant it can make you to succumbing to high levels of stress in the future. Through direct impact on your endocrine homeostatic mechanism inside the tank, it is possible to lower your adrenal activation threshold resulting in a higher resistance to the stressors outside the tank. One float is great for stress relief, but making floating a regular part of your regimen will build that resilience that your body and mind could use.

Problem Solving is Easier in a Float Tank

Research has revealed to us the power of meditation in helping people focus their thoughts toward solving a challenge. The beauty of the float tank shines through here by providing the perfect environment to marinate on that issue. There’s no buzzing cell phone, no active inbox, just you and your thoughts while you focus, and the theta-state brainwaves induced can lead to an ability to brainstorm at a much higher level.

Floating is Incredible for Idea Generation

Spending time in a float tank can do wonders if you need some time to brainstorm. When you remove your mind and body from the external stressors and sensory inputs from the world around you, you’re giving your brain a chance to calm down, sort out the clutter, and refresh. You can channel those thoughts toward ideation or just let your mind wander as you simply observe your thoughts, and by the time you come out you’ll be amazed at what you’ve discovered.

Floating Can Spark Up Your Creative Juices

Not too far from the topic above, research also has shown floating to have a direct impact on one’s creativity by decreasing anxiety/tension, depression, hostility, and fatigue while increasing vigor and curiosity. Spend 90 minutes alone with your thoughts and the sense of rejuvenation can be just the lift that you needed to get that creative wheel spinning again.

Learning Can Be Enhanced by Floating

By removing distraction and external stimuli, the mind is able to amplify its ability to focus on a particular task by devoting more brain power – much like a computer and how quickly it can process any one task compared to attempting the same task with 20 others running simultaneously. In addition to optimizing your overall sleep patterns which can directly impact cognition and memory, floating is an incredibly valuable resource for those who want to learn at a higher level.

The mental vacation doesn’t have to stop in the tank though. For those who want to make the most of their vacation and capitalize on the post-float “afterglow”, here are a few tips on how to maximize your return from your time in the tank:

  • Drink plenty of water after your float.
  • Keep a journal or recording of your thoughts and brainstorms.
  • Take some extra time after the float to reflect.
  • Connect with a close friend or family member.
  • Avoid throwing yourself right back into high-stress activities.

Do you feel like you need a short break from it all? Do you want to emerge from that break feeling like a superhero ready to take on anything? Book a float appointment today and make the commitment to yourself that you deserve.

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