Escape Pod Aphelion Tanks, and Why We Chose Them

Float Room Render


When I first joined the Float Rubicon team, Robert and I had many long discussions about what was important to us for this company. Top of this list was the guest experience, ensuring that from beginning to end our guests feel safe, comfortable, relaxed, and overjoyed with the time spent with us. This is the true guest investment after all: time.

Robert informed me of his decision to utilize the Escape Pod Aphelion tanks in our suites. I had not previously experienced one of these tanks before, but I had reason to trust in his judgment based on those past conversations. Robert and I share a love of floating, but we also share a few other traits: being very analytical of our environments and critical of any factors that detract from a premium experience.

Past float experiences, while positive for many of the reasons that floats can be positive, have also had some issues. I have experienced tanks that are too narrow or short, which result in bumping into the sides frequently while I’m in the zone. I’ve experienced tanks that don’t properly circulate the air inside, resulting in too much humidity that makes it hard to breathe. I’ve experienced tanks that circulate the air too much, making the air cold and causing salt to crystallize on your skin.

This is not to say that these float experiences or tanks were bad. Rather, being someone who can appreciate distinguished taste, this informed my opinion of what separates good from great. Robert and I were in complete agreement, which is why he chose the Escape Pod Aphelion tanks. I finally had the joy of experiencing one recently and it was love at first float.

The Aphelion measures 98” long by 58” wide, making this among the largest private tanks available on the market. I’m no giant but I do stand at 73” tall, so a larger tank is already a great start for me. During my float, the number of times I bumped against the side was significantly reduced, down to maybe 2 or 3 bumps. By the time I reached my zone during the 90-minute float, time just flew by and I reached an incredible state of peaceful bliss.

The air circulation in the Aphelion is also fantastic. It contends with the best around for keeping that ideal state where you lose track of where your body ends and the water/air begins. The humidity is also very balanced, assisted by the Space Age-looking dome lid; at no point did I struggle to breathe, even at my most relaxed.

Like I said above: it was love at first float, and a part of me never wants to float in any other tanks again. I mean, once you’ve experienced the best, is it possible to go back down to “good enough” with my precious time investment? If I won’t settle for less, how can I ask my guests to do it? I’m confident you’ll all agree, and I look forward to having each of you experience it for yourself at our grand opening next year!

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