Team Building Activities and Creativity are Enhanced by Float Tanks

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Does your company prioritize employee health and wellness through a strong corporate wellness program? It certainly should – and more than just occasional team building activities! With strong support in the form of a 25% reduction in annual costs from disability, workers’ comp, and sick leave, you’re looking at a significant reduction in expenses. Add to it that corporate wellness programs can aid in the retention of top industry talent, and there’s very little reason not to be prioritizing the right program for your company.

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The key word there is the right program. One that emphasizes healthy choices, is habit-forming, and is practiced regularly by leadership as an example. Although resources are accessible for choosing the right program, one resource you might not be considering is flotation therapy. Floating brings a large number of physical and mental health benefits for teams and working professionals. Many people use floating to bolster creativity, sharpen mental agility, and create a sense of connection with those around them. Here are a few ways that you can harness that effect for your own teams.

How Floating Enhances Team Building Activities and Creativity

Floating Creates a Sense of Openness

First of all, meditation is among the best team building activities for any office. Often people will report feeling a sense of openness with others, which can lead to greater empathy and perspective. Use this to your advantage to build trust and connection between your staff. It will pay off much more in the long run than any trips to the cinema or trust falls.

Communication is Strengthened Through Floating

An aspect that any great leader will tell you cannot be undervalued within a team is communication. Effective team communication can lead to greater senses of cohesiveness, sharing, and professional development. Try introducing regular float tank sessions to your team building activities and build upon that sense of openness. You will help your team overcome difficulties in communication on issues of all types – positive, neutral, or negative.

Hold Floating Brainstorm Sessions

Need your team ideating and thinking creatively? A float tank can be a great enabler of creative energies, and a fantastic way to isolate yourself away from the distractions of the office. Therefore, an optimal practice would be to book simultaneous float sessions for your team with the intent on letting your mind wander and explore its creative potential during your session. After the float, regroup and discuss everyone’s thoughts and ideas. Let your mind go, and you will be surprised just how creative you can be!

Float to Enhance Problem-Solving

Sometimes the best way to ensure your team is all diligently focusing on the task at hand is to remove the excess distractions. In a float tank, there is no external noise, no pesky email notifier, and no Twitter. Use this to meditate, which can enhance problem-solving both in the tank and afterward. Utilize your float session with an intent on thinking about both the problem and solutions, allowing you to completely focus distraction-free.

By Relieving Stress Through Floating, You Will Be More Creative

It’s no secret that stress can dampen creativity and crush a competitive edge. With the demands of a fast-paced society that places a premium on originality and disruptiveness, you stand to gain more by enabling your team to be at their very best. Through regular practicing of floatation and REST therapy, you can both lower stress and build stress resilience for the future.

The popularity of floating as part of a corporate wellness plan is rapidly increasing, and for good reasons: smart leaders want their teams to be healthy, performing at their best, and most of all, happy with their role at the company. By accomplishing these, you are more likely to retain their talent for years to come. Integrate floating into your plans today!

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