6 Benefits of Floating During Pregnancy

6 Benefits of Floating During PregnancyIf you’re expecting a new little bundle of joy, congratulations! There will never be a more exciting – or trying – time in your life than your pregnancy. While all that anticipation and planning can be fun, it can also take its toll on your emotions and your body. If you haven’t tried float therapy – or haven’t tried it since conceiving – you should know that there are many benefits of floating available to pregnant women. Of course, as with any therapy, you’ll want to ensure you have your doctor’s permission to float. With that clearance, you’ll soon begin to enjoy the many benefits of float therapy while pregnant, including:

Escape the weight.

If this is your first pregnancy or your fourth, you already understand what a few extra pounds can do to your body. For such a tiny being, that added weight can feel like a whole lot more than a newborn baby. When you float, you’ll get to experience the beautiful and “freeing” sensation of weightlessness. For once in who knows how long, you’ll feel relief from the strain placed on your body and spine. If you’ve ever been frustrated at your inability to just get comfortable, float therapy will help you actually achieve just that.

Sleep better.

Believe it or not, a relaxing float session will rejuvenate your body longer than the session lasts. That’s because float therapy can assist you in sleeping better, an issue many pregnant women complain about. And we don’t know about you, but we find that when you’re sleeping better, the whole world looks brighter and a whole lot more manageable.

Find your calm.

Pregnancy is a time of anticipation, and for new moms especially, that anticipation can also be laced with a whole lot of anxiety. Your mind might be running wild with worries about whether you’re prepared for a new child, whether you can handle labor and delivery (you can), or if you’ll be a good mother. Float therapy offers the calming and mind-quieting effects akin to meditation, allowing you to finally relax and find your inner peace. And that sensation doesn’t disappear once you leave the tank; you’ll find that sense of calm continues throughout your week.

Connect with your baby.

When you float, you’re essentially suspended in a dark tank of warm liquid. Sound familiar? The whole experience of floating can help you connect with your baby on a whole new level, because you’re basically experiencing what your unborn child is experiencing. There’s something about floating that mirrors the womb experience, and can help you feel even more connected and attached to your baby.

Soothe your aching muscles.

With the added bulk of pregnancy, you’ll find yourself using your body differently than ever before. This in turn, can cause sore muscles. Float therapy is an excellent solution to sore muscles, as it helps to alleviate them not only through the relaxation properties of weightlessness, but through the actual Epsom salt solution used in the float tank.

Revive post-delivery.

You might think pregnancy is taking a toll on your body (and it is!), but once you have that little bundle of joy in your arms, your body will still experience stress. From breastfeeding to sleepless nights to soreness from delivery, it’s easy for new moms to feel run down, exhausted and even depressed. Float therapy is a great reprieve for a new mother looking for a little time to herself to unwind, heal and recoup. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed you’ll feel in the floatation tank, a feeling you likely never thought you’d be able to experience again!

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